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Non-Contact Forehead Digital Infrared Thermometer

Non-Contact Forehead Digital Infrared Thermometer

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Monitor your families, employees and student health with the digital infrared non-contact forehead thermometer. This device measures a person's temperature on their forehead without contacting the skin, making it an ultra-hygienic choice.

To help streamline the temperature-reading process, the thermometer features a 1:1 distance to spot ratio and reads temperatures from 89.6 to 109.4 degrees Fahrenheit with an accuracy +/-0.4 degrees Fahrenheit. To use, simply press the on button, hit "start," and position the device 2 to 3 cm from the forehead. The infrared technology detects the intensity of the light emitted from the forehead and converts it into a temperature reading on the large LCD display. This process takes just one second. It beeps when finished and then automatically turns off after inactivity. It also stores the 10 most recent readings for reference, which is great for team settings. Other features include setting time and date for added efficiency.

Not only effective for reading human temperatures, this thermometer is FDA certified and capable of measuring the heat of objects from 32 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. When doing so, it offers an accuracy of +/-0.4 degrees Fahrenheit or +/-4% with a distance of 1 to 2 cm from the object.

Reusable and intuitive, this device is a must-have tool for maintaining a healthy and safe work environment. A set of 2 AAA batteries (sold separately) are required for operation.

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