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Full Freedom Mild Compression Socks 10 - 14 mm Hg

Full Freedom Mild Compression Socks 10 - 14 mm Hg

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Improve Circulation and Relieve Aching and Tired Legs

Stylish compression socks look good, feel great and provide just the right amount of support to relieve tired aching legs. Lightly woven 90% nylon and 10% Lycra socks provide gentle compression at the ankle and up the leg, improving circulation and offering welcomed relief. Recommended for tired, achy, swollen legs, slight ankle swelling, and mild varicose veins. Comfortable enough to wear all day. Available in beige and black. One size fits all.

  • Relieves aching feet
  • Helps prevent blisters
  • So comfortable you can wear them all day long
  • Helps improve circulation in ankle and calf area 
  • Flat toe seam prevents foot irritation
  • Wicking action keeps feet cool and dry
  • No sagging or binding
  • Microfiber: 90% Nylon / 10% Lycra 
  • One size fits all
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