Nuvatek Distribution Corporation

Nuvatek Distribution Corporation


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Featuring such brands as the Carole Martin line of comfort wear as well as a wide array of As Seen On TV and other general merchandise, Nuvatek focuses on the direct marketing-to-retail distribution model and is quickly becoming a leader in this growing channel of distribution.

Our strategic partners include a broad spectrum of domestic and international manufacturers, leaders in the field of direct marketing and media buying, premier discount, specialty, drugstore chains and catalog retailers throughout North America. Nuvatek Distribution is committed to maintaining the highest possible level of product quality.

Because of this philosophy, we are proud to boast an impressive record with some of the highest satisfaction levels in the industry. This strategy has proven to be the best way to ensure brand loyalty and a high level of repeat purchase over the long term.

Carole Martin Most Comfortable Bras
Carole Martin
Buy Carole Martin
ClearPoint Direct
Clearpoint Deals
Full Freedom Socks
Full Freedom Socks
Pet Zone Pet products
Pet Zone Pet Product
Pet Zone Produit pour animaux
Jack & Dixie Pet Producs

Jack & Dixie Pet Products

Nuvatek Frigidaire Electric Fireplaces Product Line
Frigidaire Electric Fireplaces
Even Glow Electric Fireplace Product Line
Even Glow Electric Fireplace
Polarized HD wraparounds Sunglasses
Polarized HD Wraparounds
EZ-Jet Multi-Function Spray Gun
Multi-Function Spray Gun

Tasty top Cake Pops.
Tast Top Cake Pops
Tasty Top Sucettes-Gâteaux
My Lil'Pie Maker
My Lil'Pie Maker
Petit Tarte